Do I have to Pay Taxes on My Settlement or Judgment?

Categories: personal injury


In the aftermath of a victory at trial or a mediation settlement, plaintiffs may not initially consider the eventual practical implications of that settlement or judgment. A judgment for damages or settlement may be treated as taxable income by the government, depending upon the circumstances. When determining how to allocate your settlement or judgment funds,…

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What Happens If You Violate Probation In Wisconsin?

Categories: criminal defense

For individuals who commit lesser offenses in Wisconsin, one of the sentencing alternatives available in criminal court is probation. Probation allows criminal defendants to stay out of jail, but requires them to abide by certain conditions during their period of probation in order to avoid further punishment. If a criminal defendant fails to abide by…

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Divorce and Social Security

Categories: divorce

For more and more individuals facing upcoming retirement, Social Security benefits are the primary source of income that they can depend on after retirement. Social security benefits are primarily determined by how long an individual paid into the Social Security system and how much they paid into it. This means that for many couples, the…

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Avoiding Probate Through POD and TOD accounts

Categories: estate planning

When individuals seek assistance with their estates, one of their top concerns is typically how to transfer their assets to their children or other beneficiaries with minimal delay and hassle. Often this means wondering if they can avoid the probate process. Assets for estate purposes usually come in two forms: probate assets and non-probate assets….

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The Use of Medical Records in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Categories: personal injury


Medical records can play a very important role in personal injury lawsuits. The plaintiff’s attorney can use them to help to shed light on the plaintiff’s injuries, and the defense attorney can use them to refute a plaintiff’s claims for damages. The importance of medical records must be balanced against the reality that they often…

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Easements: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Categories: real estate


If you have ever attempted to buy a piece of property with a significant amount of land, or one that other neighbors use with any frequency, you may be familiar with the term easement. An easement is a type of legal right that appears quite frequently in real estate dealings, and it is an important…

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Special Considerations For Criminal Defendants Who Are Immigrants

Categories: immigration


Criminal defendants who are immigrants face very real and unique challenges that other criminal defendants do not face. Without careful attention and direction from a criminal defense attorney who understands the immigration consequences of various decisions, a defendant can quickly find himself or herself facing potential deportation or the inability to ever gain citizenship status…

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Wausau Attorney Named to Wausau’s “20 Under Forty.”

Categories: news

Crooks, Low & Connell, S.C., a general practice law firm in Wausau, Wisconsin, is excited to announce that the Wausau Daily Herald (part of the USA Today Network) has chosen Attorney Kristen Lonergan as one of its 2017 “20 Under Forty.” At a recognition event on November 16, 2017, the Wausau Daily Herald and United…

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