★★★★★   Outstanding

Peter Prusinski did a great job for my court dates. He got done what I had asked for and am happy with the outcome of it.


Reviewed January 1, 2020


★★★★★   Outstanding

I was very impressed with the quality and speed of his work. He kept me informed at every step of the way and was at every hearing. I am very lucky to have received such good work.


Reviewed July 8, 2019


★★★★★   Outstanding

We just want to say thank you for working with us for so many years. Thank you for your kind personalities and helping with all the paper work and answering any questions we had. Although we couldn’t complete another year with you all, we can’t thank you enough for all your hard work.


Reviewed July 2, 2019


★★★★★   Outstanding

I made a terrible mistake resulting in several charges for battery and domestic abuse. I was anxious and nervous, with so many questions. I chose an attorney based on multiple positive reviews for Crooks, Low & Connell, S.C. As David Casey’s client, I felt informed and prepared from start to finish. He was straight-forward with me when I called to review my case. When I later met with him, he laid out a proposal, based on his knowledge of the laws and on past experience. David prepared me for the best outcome at my initial court appearance, by requesting I complete the anticipated court requirements before-hand. The judge accepted David’s proposal, and I was relieved to have 4 out of the 6 charges dropped. Following a year of remediation and good behavior, another charge was dropped, and the last reduced to an ordinance violation. I thank David for helping me clean up this mess, allowing me the chance to recover from my mistake. Thank you David (and staff)!


Reviewed June 4, 2019


★★★★★   Outstanding

Worked very hard to get the results I was hoping for. 100% satisfied. Would recommend him anytime.


Reviewed March 19, 2019


★★★★      Very good

Peter Prusinski and the staff at Crooks, Low & Connell, S.C. were knowledgeable, professional, personable and caring. I always felt they had my best interests first and foremost.


Reviewed February 25, 2019


★★★★★   Outstanding

Mr. Prusinski is a true professional. He is extremely helpful and he listens to all issues. I would recommend him above anyone else.


Reviewed January 4, 2019


★★★★★   Outstanding

Peter was very thorough and helped resolve my case with the best possible outcome. Thank you Peter.


Reviewed December 29, 2018


★★★★      Very good


Reviewed November 2, 2018


★★★★★   Outstanding

My lawyer was very thorough. Made sure I had the best possible outcome of my case. I would most definitely recommend this law firm.


Reviewed October 4, 2018


★★★★★   Outstanding

Thank you Kristen Lonergan and the staff at Crooks, Low & Connell, S.C. office for understanding my needs and helping me through this challenging process of custody of my kids. I value your great communication and knowledge. Thank you again for all you do!

Kai V.

Reviewed September 24, 2018


★★★★★   Outstanding

I would like to thank Mr. Prusinski for helping resolve my OWI case. We maintained both objectives through plea negotiations and saved me money.


Reviewed June 30, 2018


★★★★★   Outstanding

I came to Crooks, Low & Connell for defense in a minor criminal drug charge case. I was extremely scared and they couldn’t have done a better job at easing my fears and settling my case quickly and favorably. Personally I can’t thank lawyer Peter Prusinski enough for his help.

Aaron J.

Reviewed May 12, 2018


★★★★★   Outstanding

I do appreciate your help because I’m not able to travel and I know the family Barb, Tim and Zackary are getting the best help. It’s my home and it is important to me to get the best care.

Delores J. Ringle

Reviewed March 26, 2018


★★★★★   Outstanding

A+ They’re professional, kind and great at what they do. Most importantly they care about their clients. Thank you Peter Prusinski and all his partners at Crooks, Low & Connell, S.C.

Jennifer S.

Reviewed March 19, 2018


★★★★★   Outstanding

Robyn was very professional and knowledgeable concerning wills and laws concerning wills. She was able to explain things to me, a person without knowledge so that I understood. Her support staff was also very helpful when Robyn herself was not available. Robyn is truly a professional you want in your corner.


Reviewed February 8, 2018


★★★★★   Outstanding

Our experience with Robyn De Vos at Crooks, Low & Connell, S.C. has been outstanding and excellent with our estate planning matter in 2017 and a very challenging real estate matter in 2016. We were very fortunate to have the knowledge and trust of Robyn De Vos and Crooks, Low & Connell, S.C. handling our affairs. People have asked us who handled our affairs, and we recommend Robyn De Vos and Crooks, Low & Connell, S.C.

N.B. & B.B.

Reviewed January 8, 2018


★★★★★   Outstanding

If you’re in need of legal counsel, go with Crooks, Low & Connell. Within this firm is Attorney David Casey, who represented me. His precision and loyalty to clients reveals great character. In fact, everyone treated me with respect and kindness…the considerations we require as human beings. We all need legal help at times. Whatever your reason, I speak from personal experience when recommending Crooks, Low & Connell. They are dedicated and devoted to helping us! Thank you!

Thomas Magestro

Reviewed November 9, 2017


★★★★★   Outstanding

Client Interest First

Attorney Lonergan always put my interests first. She explained to me the detailed process of divorce and did not allow my ex’s attorney to bully us. Attorney Lonergan is a no nonsense straight shooter which I would recommend to anyone.

Ryan B.

Reviewed on November 1, 2017


★★★★      Very good

When dealing with our attorney, Ms. Robyn J. De Vos at Crooks, Low & Connell, S.C., I feel she clearly knew what we wanted and helped us resolve our case in a timely fashion with a minimum amount of any confusion. If we ever need an attorney again in the Wausau area, we will be calling them again. Thank you.

Dan D.

Reviewed on September 24, 2017


★★★★★   Outstanding

I was very pleased with all that Mr. Prusinski did for me. He was very professional and explained everything to me so I could understand. Thank you.


Reviewed on September 20, 2017


★★★★      Very good

He is a really nice person. He helped me a lot and tried to explain to me everything. I really recommend this guy. Thanks Peter! You are the best people that I know.


Review on September 15, 2017


★★★★★   Outstanding

I found Robyn De Vos to be professional, knowledgeable, thorough, easy to work with and very personable. She guided me throughout the whole process of handling my family member’s estate. As time went on I looked at her as a trusted friend.


Reviewed on September 14, 2017


★★★★★    Outstanding

Very pleased with the service.


Reviewed on June 25, 2017


★★★★★    Outstanding

I had an exceptional experience with Peter. He professionally handled my burglary case and reduced it down to a misdemeanor. I can go back into society without a felony over my head. Thanks again!


Reviewed on June 16, 2017


★★★★★    Outstanding

Thanks for everything. I agree with your work!


Reviewed on June 9, 2017


★★★★★    Outstanding

Very good service. Would use this lawyer again. (Robyn De Vos)


Reviewed on June 7, 2017


★★★★★    Outstanding

Peter was very matter of fact about my options and had gotten satisfactory results.


Reviewed on June 6, 2017


★★★★★    Outstanding

I have used the services of Attorney Peter Prusinski on several occasions and highly recommend his work. Mr. Prusinski and his team are extremely professional and always available by email or phone to answer questions. They are also personal and caring and go above and beyond to get the best possible results for their client.


Reviewed on June 2, 2017


★★★★★    Outstanding

We would highly recommend the Law Office of Crooks, Low & Connell of Wausau. Our experience with Kristen Lonergan was exceptional. After years of being completely frustrated with trying to obtain our adopted son’s permanent social security card, Kristen was able to assist us in this process. She was instrumental in working through all of paperwork and bureaucracy. Kristen was very positive that she would achieve the end result that we were looking for, she removed a tremendous amount of stress from our lives. We will be forever grateful for Kristen’s legal expertise. In closing we would recommend Crooks, Low & Connell to our family and friends.

Lisa and Dean

Reviewed on May 23, 2017


★★★★★    Outstanding

Attorney Peter Prusinski was/is a very capable and knowledgeable lawyer that exceeded my expectations in my legal case. He understands the legal process well and can relay it professionally and succinctly. I would recommend utilizing his services to just about anyone and I believe he would do them justice (pun intended).


Reviewed on May 13, 2017


★★★★★    Outstanding

I would like to say thank you so so so much Peter J. Prusinski and staff. You guys are very awesome. I understand – know it was a rough case not for you but for me. But you all was very patient and understanding to the end of the case. Thanks.


Reviewed on May 9, 2017


★★★★★    Outstanding

We hired Peter as my immigration lawyer and only have good things to say. He went the extra mile helping us and was always available if we had any questions.


Reviewed on April 29, 2017


★★★★★    Outstanding

Thank you very much for all your help on this case. I am so appreciative of your effort and the team of Crooks, Low & Connell, S.C. for assisting in obtaining my immigration visa. You were able to do all of this in a very timely manner and we are confident we will use your services in the future. Thank you!


Reviewed on April 21, 2017


★★★★★    Outstanding

My wife and I were very satisfied with Robyn’s professionalism. She explained everything to us in our simple layman terms. We will be going back to Crooks, Low & Connell, S.C. for all of our legal needs.


Reviewed on April 20, 2017


★★★★★    Outstanding

Robyn is very thorough and listens very well. She definitely knows the laws and is responsive. My wife and I enjoyed the “process”.

Satisfied Client

Reviewed on April 3, 2017


★★★★★    Outstanding

I was very impressed with the level of competence David Casey displayed throughout my case. He was very thorough and effective in achieving a victory. I give this law firm an A+!


Reviewed on March 27, 2017


★★★★★    Outstanding

When I ran into some legal issues, Crooks, Low & Connell helped me to make the right choices. They worked to resolve my case while keeping my best interests intact.


Reviewed on March 21, 2017


★★★★★    Outstanding

Thank you Peter for understanding my burden for my family in these matters. You walked with me through the entire process and were sympathetic to my pain. Thank you again Crooks, Low & Connell, S.C. for your guidance.


Reviewed on March 18, 2017


★★★★★    Outstanding

Mr. Peter Prusinski did an amazing job making me feel calm and confident. I really thank him for all the hard work he did!!


Reviewed on March 6, 2017


★★★★★   Outstanding

Heartfelt, Determined, Extremely Intelligent, Excellent Communication, Thorough, Easy to Work With

Attorney Kristen Lonergan is by far the best representation I have ever received from any attorney.  She went above and beyond in so many aspects while representing me, which shows me just how much she truly cares about her clients.  I would definitely suggest Attorney Lonergan to anyone looking for top notch representation.


Reviewed on February 15, 2017


★★★★      Very good

Quick, clean and behind me.  That’s what I wanted and its done.

Reviewed on February 7, 2017


★★★★★   Outstanding

From my very first conversation with Peter Prusinski, I knew I was in good hands.  Everyone at Crooks, Low & Connell was great to work with and provided me with the very best legal representation.  I highly recommend Crooks, Low & Connell.


Reviewed on January 21, 2017


★★★★★   Outstanding

AWESOME!  Great person, excellent representation.  Couldn’t ask for more out of Attorney Casey as an attorney.

Brandon E. Crum

Reviewed on January 20, 2017


★★★★★   Outstanding

Mr. Prusinski was the picture of class & professionalism.  I was very fortunate to have them represent me in my court proceedings.  A very special thank you to Ms. Teske for her patience and understanding.  Professional attorneys with a personal touch!


Reviewed on December 31, 2016


★★★★★   Outstanding

I live in Arizona, and needed to find an attorney in Wausau, WI that would handle my case.  I contacted a few attorneys before calling Crooks Law Firm, but after speaking to Attorney David Casey, I knew I found the right person.  He spoke with me for a good thirty minutes or more and didn’t make me feel rushed.  He always responded to my calls very quickly, and his assistant, Ms. Teske, was very polite and helpful.  I was very pleased with the outcome of my case and I highly recommend the Crooks Law Firm to anyone seeking excellent legal representation for a very reasonable fee.


Reviewed on December 30, 2016


Attorney Low – Thanks for recovering this money.  You did a great job and we are so thankful.


Reviewed on December 14, 2016


★★★★★   Outstanding

Attorney Peter was very helpful.  He is very kind and has a sense of how to help on your court matters.  Very prompt and will get answers for you.


Reviewed on December 13, 2016


★★★★★   Outstanding

Attorney Casey took the time to thoroughly understand the situation and make sure we had the best outcome possible.  Always available or back to me ASAP.  Thank you Dave.


Reviewed on December 13, 2016


★★★★★   Outstanding

I was very satisfied with how my attorney represented me while I was in jail.  I would recommend this law firm if anyone ever needed a good attorney.  Thanks Peter.


Reviewed on December 5, 2016


Thank you.  Appreciate the support.


Reviewed on November 18, 2016


★★★★★   Outstanding

Very professional and outstanding performance.  Peter Prusinski was very kind and especially as this was a difficult situation.  Would like to thank Crooks Law Office for all the help.


Reviewed on November 14, 2016


★★★★★   Outstanding

We needed help with understanding the charges against us and needed a lawyer ASAP due to a criminal charge that we knew was not right.  Crooks, Low & Connell, S.C. helped us resolve that issue fast.  We are very grateful to have them on our side.


Reviewed on November 1, 2016


★★★★★   Outstanding

Peter Prusinski is an outstanding attorney that offered excellent service throughout my entire case. He is experienced, and with his knowledge, hard work and commitment, my charges were dropped.  Lastly, I would recommend Peter to anyone, because I sincerely appreciate all of the help and professionalism shown by him.  Thank you.

Satisfied Client

Reviewed on August 15, 2016


★★★★★   Outstanding

Attorney Prusinski was very professional, compassionate and thorough with my case.  I selected him because I wanted a “hands on” approach and felt he was the right choice for representing me. His direction, recommendations for my involvement in improving my outcome served me well and I believe the best sentence I had available to me. I would highly recommend this firm.


Reviewed on June 6, 2016


★★★★★   Outstanding

The service was great. They kept us informed of what was going on about our case.  The processing was done in a timely manner and luckily our case was approved without interview.

Shannon & Cecile

Reviewed on May 4, 2016


★★★★      Very good

Thanks for helping me to close my cases; without your help I cannot do it by myself. I will refer other friends come to your settlement statement.


Reviewed on April 27, 2016


★★★★★   Outstanding

I hired Kevin Crooks after recommendations from several friends.  I needed an attorney for a family law case regarding unreported income changes and back child support for my daughter. I had never needed an attorney before and I am glad that I hired Mr. Crooks.

During my first court hearing, Mr. Crooks and I reviewed information on my daughter’s father that I found throughout the last 5 years.  Because I hadn’t done a review for child support in so long and with my daughter’s father having a substantial pay increase over that time, he was not thrilled at the estimated amount he may have to pay. He then told me he was going to hire an attorney and fight the case I was making against him.

It wasn’t until the first hearing that Mr. Crooks informed me that I was entitled to see any financial changes that my daughter’s father had throughout her life. This was something that most people are not aware of because they do not have a background in child support law and are unfamiliar with what is in their court ordered child support agreements. For me, the information in my child support agreement were just words on paper that I never fully understood. I didn’t understand the meaning and rights I had. Thankfully, Mr. Crooks took the time to explain to me what the agreement said, what I should be aware of and how to enforce the orders in the future.

Mr. Crooks represented me in court and we won the case. I was awarded the difference from the amount of child support I was paid and the amount I should have been paid from years of unreported income changes by my daughter’s father.

Mr. Crooks is very knowledgeable in family law and is straight to the point. He analyzed my case and developed a plan of action in a short period of time. He contacted me shortly after my first court hearing and explained what his plan was and how we should address the years of unreported income changes. He informed me of the possible outcomes of the case and how he would work with me so that I could afford his services if the case was unsuccessful.

With Mr. Crooks’ services we won the case and his service fees were paid for by my daughter’s father. I can’t express how much faith you can put into Mr. Crooks. He is more than a great lawyer. He takes your case seriously to provide the best outcome. Although he never met my daughter, I felt he cared for her loss of necessities and opportunities she could have had, had her father reported his income changes. I am grateful of Mr. Crooks and sincerely appreciate the services he provided my daughter and I.


Reviewed on March 28, 2016


★★★★★   Outstanding

Attorney Prusinski provided me with excellent representation. I felt secure in his knowledge of my charges to make the best decisions for me. I felt respected by Mr. Prusinski and was impressed that a translator was present on my final hearing day.  I was also impressed with the translator in how information was presented to me.

Luis Fuentes

Reviewed on March 23, 2016


★★★★★    Outstanding

Crooks, Low & Connell, S.C. has been the best decision (literally) that I have ever made in my life!!! Attorney Robyn DeVos has fought tirelessly for the past 2 years for me; and has successfully won my settlement case. She and her associates have been meticulous with providing me every update and document as it was received, written and processed.


Reviewed on July 14, 2014